Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you for participating!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to all persons who helped put on this program.

Congratulations to the 121 persons who completed all 23 Things! It is very exciting to see so many people complete the program. Congratulations also to those 25 people who completed at between 12 and 22 Things.

You should have received your certificate and continuing education credits by now if you completed the program. If not, please contact Dona Weisman at NTLP and she will assist.

Many people have asked about the future of this blog. I am planning to keep it up for the forseeable future.

Be on the lookout for other Web 2.0 learning programs for librarians here in Texas. The "A Dozen Ways to Two-Step" program is well underway, and is coordinated by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission. I am also aware of another Web 2.0 program being planned in conjunction with the Texas Library Association Annual Conference in San Antonio.

It has been a real joy to be involved with this program!

Thanks again,

Jeff Bond
Science Librarian
Texas Christian University

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