Monday, May 18, 2009

Writing about your experiences

It has been so great to see the posts people are making so far about their experiences with the Things! Please read below for some more information about posting.

What kinds of things should I post?

Here are some possible ideas: your initial reactions to the Thing, how difficult or easy you thought it was, applications to your library, how much you might use it in your personal life, how much fun it was, whether you liked or disliked it, suggestions of similar tools or websites. The possibilities are endless!

How much should I post?

It is necessary to post to your blog about your experiences for each of the 23 Things (except Thing #1). Write a paragraph, showing your participation and reflection. Really think and reflect about the Thing you are trying! Short or cursory posts will not be counted towards completion of the program. Some "Things" also require you to complete other tasks, such as posting an image.

We look forward to reading about your experiences!


vkomarek said...

I used Image Chef and had a blast creating my own images or just using other peoples images and twicking them to make them my own. I wold love to use this for the teen blog that I want to create in our new library. I was frustrated in trying to get the image to load from the webpage it self and them from the blog page. I found out I had the wrong url so as you can se it is up and running.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I think I could waste a lot of time using these and thinking up sassy comments for them.

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