Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing 22: Developing your own 23 Things for your library

Almost finished!

North Texas Library Partners has been proud to bring this program to you. Why is a program like this important? If offers an opportunity for librarians to learn a variety of new technologies that they may have not experienced otherwise. It stretches the comfort zone a little (Ok, for some persons, it stretches the comfort zone a lot!).

Patrons in our libraries are using the technologies presented in these Things. It is important to develop a fluency of these technologies in order to best understand our patrons and their needs. Because these Things are also communication methods, these Things also offer new ways to interact with our patrons. It is amazing to see libraries across the country and right here in Texas using such things as Flickr and Facebook to promote programs and services.

Think about your own library for a moment. Perhaps everyone from your library participated in this program. Perhaps you are the only one. Regardless, write a paragraph about how you could adapt this program to increase the technology skill level among the staff at your library. Even if all staff at your library has gone through this program, there is so much more to be learned.

It is not necessary to limit this to just library staff, however. For example, perhaps you are a librarian at a school. This type of program could be adapted for all the staff at your school.

Just one more Thing remains!

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