Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing 11: Instant Messaging

Rattlin_blogger: There’s this thing
n00b123: Oh yeah?
Rattlin_blogger: called instant messaging.
Rattlin_blogger: It’s a way to communicate
n00b123: Neato!
Rattlin_blogger: in real time
Rattlin_blogger: with anyone in the world.
n00b123: Like texting on the phone?
Rattlin_blogger: Exactly like that. Only usually on the computer.
Rattlin_blogger: but sometimes on the phone
Rattlin_blogger: Really, the best way to learn
Rattlin_blogger: is
Rattlin_blogger: to
Rattlin_blogger: TRY IT!

You may have heard of instant messaging (IM) referred to as “chat” before. Here are some sites that offer instant messaging software to download:

If you don’t want to download the software, but instead sign in from your web browser, try one of these links:

Once you start IMing frequently and develop more IM contacts, you’ll probably find that your online friends prefer different messenger software. You can either log into several different IM platforms to chat with everyone, or you can download IM aggregator software. Here are links to some free IM aggregator software packages:

And, of course, the browser-based IM aggregators:

Once you download the software, or if you use the browser-based IM clients, you will need to create an account with your preferred service. To complete this Thing, choose at least one IM client to download or use in your web browser. Post your username and choice of service on your blog so other 23 Things participants can log in and message you. When you send add requests to other NT23 members, be sure to mention that you’re part of the 23 Things group.

Abbreviations make IMing a lot quicker. If you want to get “up” on the latest IM lingo, or perhaps make sense of some of the messages you get, here’s a nice list:

Blog away with your IM experiences, thoughts on using IM in a library setting, etc., and TTFN my NT23 BFFs, TTYL.


Doreen said...

I like IM, but you need to be on your computer and I do not have the time to be online as much. But it is a great tool when you just want to express yourself.

Dena Hanson said...

I know what you mean about having to be at the computer; it is like tracking someone down for a phone call, vs. the freedom of email conversations which can happen on our own time (different time zones, schedules, etc).

Laurie said...

Windows Live Messenger (webmessenger) has changed their address to

Mrs. D said...

IM'ing is fine but it is not allowed in our school system. I find myself using the chat feature on Facebook more than IM'ing

Rejoyce said...

I have Messenger on my laptop. I hate that it always pops up. I have exited, logged out, everything short of uninstalling and it always loads. The bad thing is, the last time was daughter was in, she logged in so now it always pops up with HER messages.

Rejoyce said...

Preferred IM: Windows Live
I am part of North Texas 23

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