Thursday, July 16, 2009

North Texas 23 special announcement: Continuing education credit available!

North Texas Library Partners is proud to announce that participants in North Texas 23 Things will be eligible for up to 18 hours of CE/CPE credit!

All participants completing the full program of 23 Things will earn 18 CE/CPE credit hours. All participants completing any combination of at least 12 Things (but not more than 22 Things) will earn 9 CE/CPE credit hours. The choice of the 12 Things is up to the participant.

For either accomplishment level, each participant may receive a certificate indicating the accomplishment level and credit hours earned. The deadline for either accomplishment level is September 1, 2009.

For participants interested in and eligible for the random prize drawing, the deadline remains August 15. All 23 Things must be completed by the August 15 deadline to be entered in the prize drawing.

Remember that to complete a particular Thing, you must follow all the instructions as listed on the blog post for that Thing, and you also must write a paragraph about your experiences. As a participant, if you are unsure if you have fully completed the Things for an accomplishment level, please contact a member of the leadership team or email

I am excited to see the learning that is going on by librarians across North Texas. Keep up the good work!



JJR said...

I am interested in the Continuing Education Credit and the prize drawing; I believe I have finished as of today, 12 Aug 2009, meeting the deadline.

Sarah's Spiel said...

Is this where I request CE Credit?
Thank you.

Jeff said...

Leadership Team members will be in contact with each of you. They will check your blogs for completeness. Assuming you are finished, your CE credits will come to your workplace in mid-September.

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